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Inspirationsdag med Urban februari 2024

Every Friday Night
To Get A Girl
Wanna Be At The Bayou
Oh My Johnny
2 Hearts On A Highway
Life Is A Game
At Your Worst!
Can’t Catch Me
Cowboy Don’t

Inspirationsdag med Urban oktober 2022

Pasadena Rock
Drinking’ Memories
Them Boots
My Cottage
Forever Together
Strolling Alone

Inspirationsdag med Urban oktober 2020
Kissed A Cowboy
From The Day
On A Champagne Night
Beautiful Madness
Fool Around With Me
Red Is The Rose
Choo Choo Cha Boogie
Love You Now

Tinakväll februari 2020
Let It Bay – Be
Dig Deep

Sälen september 2019
My Country Soul
Back Where I Belong
Train Swing
Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
Through The Night
Lonely Blues

These Old Boots
Baby Baby
One Big Country Song
Everything I´ll Ever Need
Two Step Shuffle
Cut A Rug
Return To Sender
Go Cat Go

Säterdalen april 2019
Guillaume Richard:
Come And Get Your Love
Go For The Gold
The Show
My Time Machine

Guillaumekväll februari 2019
Me And Bobby McGee
All I Wanna Do
Son Of Man
Dame Mas

Sälen september 2018
Simple As Can Be
Must Be The Whiskey
Get It Right
Hey Rosalie
Whiskey Bridges
Babys Boogie Shoes
What Makes You Country
Go Cat Go
Country As Can Be

Säterdalen april 2018
Maddison Glover:
Whiskey Bridges
Mood Swing
If It Don’t Matter
Rocket To The Sun
For The World
Klara Wallman:
It’s Quarter After 3

Maddisonkväll februari 2018
Rocket To The Sun
Let’s Go To Louisiana
For The World
Last Chance Dance
Twist & Turns

Säterdalen april 2017
Maggie Gallagher:
Nancy Mulligan
The Galway Gathering
Stay My Love
Dream On
Scared Of The Dark
Save Me Tonight
Second Language
When I First Kissed You

Sälen september 2016
Stop And Drink
Save Me
Let´s Break Up Tomorrow
Country Swagger
Cowboy Up!!!
God Blessed Texas

Lilltorpet augusti 2016
Easy Love

Säterdalen april 2016
José Miguel Belloque:
Future Husband
Three Beers To Mexico
Dancing Kizomba
Digital Age
Jessica Boström:
I Will Wait

Sälen september 2015
Cadillac Strut
Telephone Baby
The Galway Gathering
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood
The Bomp
Lay Low

Angelina Easy
Funny Funny
Go Cat Go

Hedemora mars 2015
There`s The Door
Get Down On The Floor

Aspeboda oktober 2014
High Cotton
Say Geronimo
I Like Beer

Lilltorpet 2014
Mama Loo
Bring My Baby

Ria Vos-danser
Go Seven
 Ay Amor
 Hey Boy
 Jump On A Ride